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Conveniently handle your payments and communication from anywhere, anytime with one app.

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Easy To Use Messaging & Secure Calling

Voice Calls

Make clear voice calls to your friends and family across the globe. With amaano, you do not have to worry about being charged overages or for international calling.


Keep in touch with the people that matter the most with simple and reliable messaging. There are no SMS or MMS fees, only needing a mobile phone with data connection.

File Sharing

Quickly send and receive documents, photos, videos, GIFs and audio files between devices anytime and anywhere you want with amaano.

Video Calls

Maintain human connections and elevate your end-to-end interactions with free HD video calls on amaano. Subscribe to our newletter to learn more.

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Our Mission

Today’s global payment system is outdated and archaic. amaano hopes to change that by integrating the technological advances of the 21’st century to make the challenges of global payments a thing of the past. Amaano integrates Blockchain technology and a social platform that enables you to send money across borders, instantly and reliably.

Our Vision

At amaano, we firmly believe in a future where online payments and communication don't come at the cost of your privacy. In this world where big-tech sells your data to the highest bidder, we hope to be a force for good and ensure that your data stays in your hands only. We always put the privacy and safety of our users first, and our encryption ensures that your data is never collected or sold to a third party. Our decentralized system is set up so that we never have access to your data.