amaano is a user-friendly payments and messaging app using blockchain technology for secure transactions and data. The service allows users to withdraw or deposit money on an account stored on their mobile device from banks or network of retail outlets acting as independent agents. It’s free to chat using amaano, but users are charged a small fee for sending or withdrawing money using the service. .


Today’s Global payment infrastructure is an outdated system when compared with this generation’s internet. Recognizing these challenges in making global payments, amaano integrated blockchain technology and a social platform to enable you to send money across borders, instantly and reliably.


We visualize a future where all global transactions will be efficient, peer-to-peer, and where you have control over your transactions. We built amaano for Individuals and Institutions to securely store their money or make payments over the Internet using smart-phones and tablets.


At amaano, we strive to satisfy our users with transparency, inclusivity and by using the most efficient technologies to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost. We believe that our technology has the power to change the world, and we strive to democratize digital payments so that everyone, everywhere has access to a reliable, secure method for digital payments.