What is amaano?
amaano (which means “trust” in Somali) is a service that allows you to conveniently handle your payments and communication all in one app.
How is my money stored?
Your money is stored on a digital wallet that only you control. amaano does not have access to your money and can not transfer funds on your behalf
Who can become an agent?
Agent partnership is currently open for all business owners in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya, with more countries coming soon. To learn more about becoming an agent, feel free to reach out to us at agents@amaano.com.
Why use amaano?
amaano gives you the power to take control of your funds and own your personal data. No third-parties, no middlemen, just you in control of your data.
How do I cash-out?
You can cash-out at any time to your bank account, or cash-out by visiting an amaano agent.
How do I add funds to my amaano account?
You can add funds to your amaano account from your bank account, or by visiting an amaano agent with physical currency.